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Declaration of Principles


We declare that the Federal government of United States of America now operates apart from the Founding Principles and Documents of this Constitutional Republic.


It has done so by the steady transfer of civil authority and power to the Executive branch and away from Congress and, therefore, the American Citizens, which are the rightful heirs and holders of governance in these United States of America.


We now assert that authority granted to the Citizens in this Republic is in mortal peril due to this Government’s reckless disregard to do its sworn duty “To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”


This 21st-Century America has seen our Government nationalize multiple sectors of this free-market economy, create a national debt that will burden generations, initiate oppressive taxation and regulations, fail to enforce existing laws to curb illegal immigration and defend our borders, and advance punitive environmental policies, which deter effective use of natural resources and energy technologies.


We now hold accountable the President and Congress for fostering a culture of corruption, greed, incompetence and abuse of power in Civil Institutions.


We charge this Government with serving not the People, but the agendas of political parties, organized labor, select corporate entities, groups seeking social justice by redistribution of wealth, and an Executive Branch guiding our Republic into the jaws of Socialism—and away from our Judeo-Christian foundations.


The obligation to preserve our American birthright resides in each citizen. As grateful heirs and stewards, we resolve to be sentinels of this “One Nation, Under God.”


Articles of Action


We do solemnly declare to affix our signatures and notify both Republicans and Democrats in elected office that we resolve to:


  1. Defeat those who seek to pervert or deny this Nation’s founding principles and Constitution. We are weary of corruption and deceit.
  2. Protest attempts to deepen the Nation’s debt. We seek accountability in a balanced budget.
  3. Defend the rights of U.S. citizenship, not the privilege of those foreign persons or powers, who seek to destroy our Nation. Being American is willfully different from being in America.




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We are an organization of professionals from around the state of California and welcome any kind of support. We are committed to working together for the betterment of the state and it's policies.


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Thank you and God Bless you and America!


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